BA Hahs house Harriers First run of the new decade


May 24, 2009
Yes, it will be 2010 in a few hours and here are the details of the first Hash of the new decade. So, if you have never hashed, what a way to start the New Year, and if you are a regular, or lapsed one, then come along and join the fun.

(PS - Hashing - A drinking Club, with a Running problem :) - )

ON ON - Liam


Get ready for the first BAHHH run of 2010!

When: Sunday, 3 January at 11:00 to run at 11:30

Where: Meeting in the city center
Corner of Esmeralda and Arenales (near the fountain on the corner)

Bring: plate or bowl, fork, mug

Cost: 15 pesos per person

Hares: Old Hag, Mr. Mum and Mistress of Pain

To arrive: It is only a few blocks from the Retiro station and Plaza San Martin
PS - Yep, I know I can't spell - Sorry - But you still made it here!!!!!!!
How long do you run for? And this may sound stupid but are you plannig to run with the bowl and cutlery??!! What does the 15 pesos cover? Perhaps a caretaker for the numerous bowls and cutlery left at the fountain whilst the running takes place? :)
Sorry, yes, we leave the bowl etc at the base, there will be a car etc, where stuff can be locked up - valuables etc... (In this case the mug and plate are valuable!) - Probably best to leave the Rolex and the Tiara at home :)...

The AR$15 covers the beer (or softies) and the food after the run, which believe me is great value.

The run varies from around 8 km for the runners, down to a shorter route for the walkers/slower runners. A lot depends on who lays the trail, and the type of terrain. As this is starting from the city centre, the terrain will be relatively easy I would suspect -

The run can be as hard or as easy as you desire. It's non-competitive, but we do have some good experienced runners on the hash, and also some slow plodders (like me!). Whatever level you want, you will be accomodated. As I say, walkers are welcome as well as marathoners - All inclusive - Only criteria is you must be able to smile and enjoy a bit of fun........
I missed the first run but would like to go to the next. Is there a website or link/email for this group. I don't check this site that often so it would be good to know.