BA Hairdresser

Ba Hairdresser

Nov 18, 2009

I am an native English speaking hairdresser living and working in Buenos Aires (Capital Federal)

As an Ex-Pat I know how difficult it can be to get a good hair cut in BsAs, so if you are having the same problem , please contact me ...

I work in Hostels, your home or my own home near Polermo.

Hope to hear from you soon.
Although I have just started to advertise my business I am pleased to say I have gained some clients. Obviously, beginning in a new place can be difficult. Moreover, I am glad to say i will be working with the photographer Patricio Guillamón ,and am very excited to be getting the chance to do some new look styles for his photo shoot. hasta luego!
the price depends on whether you're male or female ,
men from 40 pesos and women from 50... I hope this answer is satisfactory ...
Thanks so much for the cut today! I'll cya again in January :)
This is really late as I am still getting used to using BA expats, so sorry Terrie but you cut my hair probably 6 weeks ago and did a great job.
Thanks very much, hope your doing well
BA Hairdresser ... can you post a phone number where one can call and make an appointment? Use private message if you don't want the world to know.
Since my spanish sucks... terrie was a dream.... a nice good hairdresser that can stop by your place and give you a quick cut!!! thanks...
I recommend her..... As a guy my hair isnt that important... but i dont want to just go into a place and roll the dice and who knows what you get either..haha
Well if you are in the palermo, las canitas or recoleta area... drop her a note.... thanks terrie!!!! great haircut!!!!:cool: