BA Hash House Harriers Next Run Sunday Nov 21


Jan 13, 2009
Need something to do on Sunday that involves the outdoors, socializing, drinking beer, exercise and potentially getting lost in the beautiful city of Buenos Aires?
Then join this Sundays Hash.

To learn more about what the Hash is read this

Date: Sunday 21st November

Hares: 2secs, Just Amy, Just Caitlin

Time: Meet 11:00 Run 11:30

To Bring: Beer mug, plate, eating utensils, Hash Fee AR$20, AR$1.10 or monedero card for subte ticket (unless you want to have an extra long run!), sunshine.

Location: Vamos Spanish Academy

1736 Coronel Diaz (between Charcas and Guemes), two blocks from Alto Palermo Shopping.

Public Transport Users -
The closest subway station is Bulnes on Line D
Nearby bus stops include bus line numbers -
12, 29, 39, 64, 68, 92, 106, 109, 111, 128, 140, 152, 188 and 194
Just grab anything going past Alto Palermo Shopping Mall

For more details on this Sundays event PM me.
You beat me to it - Good luck with your first hareing adventure in BsAs...

On On
This question is not really about the hash house event, but rather, I was wondering if anyone happened to know where I might find a measured (400m) running track in Buenos Aires? I know of one in Saavedra (which is a little far) but any advice as to ANY in Capital Federal would be much appreciated. Thanks.
Kimeth - Not sure about inside the capital - but there is one here in Avellaneda. I'll ask my spies on Sunday at the hash, as a few of the locals train for "proper" running and will be members of clubs. I know of two clubs, FC Max and Club de Corredors, but unsure if they have tracks in teh capital - I'll ask around.
Thanks for organising this ! I am on =)

Pardon me for asking a stupid question I really have to bring a beer mug ?? Does that mean that I will actually run with it ?

noooooo..the mugs,plates etc will be stored in a safe place until you return from your a-run b-jog c-walk d-crawl......enjoy,it,s great fun
Jacket potatoes are unfortunately not on the menu, perhaps something slightly more traditional...