BA Herald


Nov 2, 2007
I read that the Herald was sold to Argentine buyers (it was previously owned by a company from South Carolina) and that the editor of 40 years resigned. The Herald has long been very independent in its editorial policy. I hope it stays that way. Does anyone know just what led to the sale?
Ariel, it is possibly the same reason that a well-recognized major produce (mostly fruits) company was bought by an American. Buyers are mostly conglomerates and they are very good at making sound investments. Sometimes even if you are not selling, if someone makes you an offer you cannot refuse, you sell.
The fruit selling company is well known in Argentina and had been owned by one Argentinian family for the last 55years or so. They sold because an American made an offer for everything- land, orchards and labor/machineries and original owners thought it was a very good price. The sale was finalized (change of ownership) 2 weeks ago. It is just another business day at the office.
It is nice to get some shake up here and there, just to keep things fresh, you know. Both in print and in our produce aisles.
The sale of the Herald may be a good or bad thing. The American company gave the Herald freedom to print what they wanted. They often opposed the government where they thought it wrong. On the other hand, poor proofreading and grammar have been problems.
Quoting "Ariel":
". . . . [P]oor proofreading and grammar have been problems."
Amen to that! At times I find it less frustrating to look at the websites for "La Nación" or even that other daily . . . .
But as an acquaintance of a writer at the "Herald", I should add that the staff seem to be nice people.