BA Nightlife


Hey Guys,

So I am tasked with entertaining a friend coming from NYC for a week. She is the kind of girl that likes to go to fancy nightclubs and dance until the sun comes up. Being new to BA myself i have not gone out to see the nightlife here yet. Any recomendations on good places that play dance music that's not trance/techno but more like 90's dance, hip-hop, reggae, or whatever commercial stuff people dance to these days?


Most of the clubs here are techno - just the way of the world. My recommendations - Rumi Tuesday, Congo/Belushi on Thurs, Crobar on Fri and Jet on Saturday. Keep in mind though, clubs here are very young and very different than in NYC. I've also had fun at Kandi Bar and Mute (Wed nights) in Las Canitas and they did play non-techno music.