BA; The South America Writers Hub?


Jan 3, 2010
Hey All,

I'm looking to move to BA within the next few months, and found this website very helpful with little pieces of information for foreigners looking to move to the city. Although I am just curious, is Buenos Aires some sort of hub for writers? It seems from the posts on this forum, there are a lot of writers in and around the city.

Is this actually the case, or is that writers in particular have the spare time to post on this forum? If it is the case, what is it about the city that attracts so many writers? Any one have any handy suggestions for a young writer moving to the city?

Looking forward to your comments.

Any city that's cheap and has some literary history/sophistication attracts writers...and BA is the most culturally sophisticated city in Latin America; it's still got a patina of class and (pseudo)intellectualism (also a vibrant theater scene) despite the fact that it's getting trashier.

If you're a writer then the only advice I can give is to spend your time here writing and reading and not meeting with other people to chat about writing.
If you do want to meet with other people to get support and encouragement with your writing - to network - you can join a writers group. Ours meets every Wednesday morning. You can contact send me a PM if you want more info.