Baby born in Argentina- what passport does he need?


Jul 1, 2021
As I understand he will always be Argentine in the eyes of Argentina and thus eligible to apply for a passport. Argentine citizenship by birth can never actually be renounced, so he already has it with or without the passport.

Have a closer look into the country where you aim on settling down as few countries that allow multiple nationalities in the first place actually draw the line at having only two nationalities/ citizenships.

"Dual citizenship" usually only applies as a concept to countries where the rule does not generally permit holding other nationalities unless you fall into a loophole (e.g. children of Austrians, Germans, Koreans, etc born in Argentina where citizenship cannot be renounced.)

Some countries that permit multiple nationalities simply say after you have naturalized as a citizen you are not allowed to acquire further citizenship (like Brazil, Ireland etc.) but it does not usually apply if citizenship is based on decent. On the other hand, some countries say if you want to naturalize as a citizen then you must renounce previous citizenship if possible but they still allow natural-born citizens to acquire other nationalities.

These days multiple nationalities is commonplace - having three or four passports is not that hard for many people and rarely raises an eyebrow. It's generation globalization.

PS - There is also an advantage to Argentine-born Argentine citizens wishing to naturalize in Spain (and thus fast-track EU citizenship)

This has been a really helpful reply! Spain is actually the country we wish to settle in. Could be a 13 years or so left in this career (hopefully) but we do want to live in Spain! What is the advantage could you explain more? Thank you so much.


Oct 20, 2019
Thank you everyone for your replies.. very interesting points have been made. I was just reading about dual nationality and that now a lot of countries don’t want you having more then two nationalities. My husband plays football so we are constantly moving and if my son has his two nationalities already, I feel it will deprive him the opportunity of having a passport in the country where we eventually settle down for example. This seems like a stupid question, but because my son was born here he will always be Argentine? Therefore already has his dual nationality? Or it’s processing and getting his Argentine passport that makes him a dual national?

thank you everyone!!
I actually looked into myself at one point. If you are a foreigner naturalizing in Spain you must generally give up or renounce your previous citizenship(s) to get Spanish citizenship (what this means in practice is another story...) BUT two big exceptions are natural-born citizens of Iberoamerican countries including Argentina and citizens by decent, they don't need to renounce or give up their previous citizenship.
When he has lived in Spain for I think it is two years (instead of the usual five) he can apply for Spanish citizenship. Once he is a citizen, perhaps it can make it faster for his parents to get PR or citizenship as well...? Not 100% sure on that point but suggest you chat to a Spanish immigration advisor.

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