Babysitter in Belgrano/Palermo


Hi expats fellows,
We are in need of a babysitter for our son of 3 years old. We are living in 2 houses, one in belgrano few blocks from subte D congreso tucuman, and in palermo new subte D Bulnes. We switch house depending availability of our grandparents.

We are looking for someone who can play with him all the time, indoor and outdoor, sometimes feed him too, read books, go to park etc. Basically take care of him, while we do our daily chores

Availability, anytime you have let's see if we can coordinate something. Thanks.

Kind regards


My name is Karin, I am from Switzerland, 31 years old and currently looking for work in Buenos Aires. I live in Belgrano, speak english, german, spanish and french, starting evening clases in February to become life coach and I love kids!

What are you looking exactly for? I am flexible with working hours everyday during the week. On monday and wednesday it would be until 6 o'clock because my clases start at 7 pm.
How many hours per week are you looking for help? Starting from when and what would you pay? If it fits, I would love to meet you and your beautiful little kid to chat and get to know each other.

Warm greatings


¡Buenas noches!
Estaría interesada en la oferta de trabajo. Me llamo Giada, tengo 19 años y soy italiana. Hablo italiano, castellano, inglés y francés, y tengo experiencia como niñera.
Estaría disponible cualquier día y en cualquier horario.
No dude en contactarme por cualquier cosa,
desde ya muchas gracias.


Hi there! This is Monica, argentinean, math teacher and bilingual spanish-english. And I do love kids! Please, do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries. All the best, Monica =)