Bad weather forecast for Iguazu


Oct 6, 2008
Considering going to Iguazu next week, but the forecast all next week is very bad, it says Thunderstorm every day [apart from Tuesday, when there are no more flights]

Has anybody been there in such weather, what does it actually mean and does it detract from the experience alot?
I agree with Lee on both counts. When I was there last November the sky opened and dumped several times and the thunder and lightning were impressive, but before and after the storm it was clear, warm, and sunny. (Much like here the last few weeks...)

And, the boat ride is not to be missed! Easily the best part of my whole trip, although the video they take of you during the boat ride is a racket unless you buy one copy among a group and make copies of it yourselves.

I also recommend taking a tour which combines Las Minas de Wanda and the Jesuit ruins if you have an extra day.

Have fun! It's an incredible place, rain or shine.
If you are into photography, you would want a sunny day. The lighting really brings out the colours of the trees and water. The ARG side in the evening gives you soft, muted colors of the water and falls. But, with showers, you might get some good rainbows. Good luck.
Don't worry about the rain. It is an experience that you don't want to miss. Go to both sides. From the Brazillian side you see the best, but on the Argentine side you get to participate in the show. I understand that the water is at one of its higest moments, which makes for a expectacular show. Good Luck.