Baexpats dinner: Casa Felix - May 6th!


Jun 6, 2005
As a follow up of "Food revolution" thread I am very pleased to announce that our next meal for Baexpats will be at a incredible restaurant called Casa Felix where passion and fantastic food are served in a very warm setting. This special event for only 18 people will be on Wednesday, May 6th at 9PM.

The price is 80 pesos per person without wine/100 pesos with wine.

This is what is included: welcome drink, appetizer, apple granita (flavored sorbet), main course and dessert.

Main course choices depend on immediate availability of (exceptionally) fresh products and details will only be available a day before the dinner. For now I can say that there are two dinner options: fish and vegetarian.

You can make a reservation by sending an email to [email protected]. Please include your name and phone number (owner's request - this is a private place) and your food preference: fish or vegetarian.

Restaurant is located at Chacarita. We will email you exact street address with confirmation.

Please check the restaurant website and following reviews: 1, 2, 3.

And also recommendation by Ries:

Ries said:
Casa Felix, is one of the best restaurants in Buenos Aires, although its not a restaurant at all. Diego Felix cooks for a few people, in his house, and he is an incredible cook. His main course is usually fish, no red meat, but the meals are 5 courses, and the other 4 are generally vegetarian, but, on request, he will do vegetarian or vegan meals.

100 pesos, and worth every penny. Anywhere in North America or Europe, a meal like this would cost $100 or 100 euros.
This is a world class chef, cooking in an intimate setting, and explaining each dish to you, and is one of the best meals you will ever eat.

Hope to see you on May 6th!