Bafici bafici bafici!


Jun 25, 2009
So, what has been your favorite film so far?

I loved Ajami which we saw in an adorable theater in Villa Urquiza. There was also a group of shorts that was very good.
i have been SO lucky in that thus far, all the films i've seen have been not just good but exceptional. the standards at this festival are set high.

i bought 30 tickets but i am struggling - yesterday i was hungover and sleep deprived so missed two films but will list what i HAVE seen so far -

the edge of dreaming - an autobiographical documentary of a scottish film maker and her family - who has a really vivid dream that she is going to die in her 48th years. in her life, things start to point towards this being a reality...

silver girls - a documentary profiling the lives of 3 septuagenarian prostitutes in berlin. paradoxically quite uplifting and inspiring in it's tone and content.

the ape - a stark existential swedish film documenting the last day of 'freedom' of a driving instructor who that morning has butchered his wife (in an apparent jealous rage) and injured his son.

neotoma tape / massage the history - two documentaries by cameron jamie, the first excerpts from home video VHS tapes of obsessed teenagers talking about their musical heros (the go-gos, sonic youth) and a montage of bizarre snippets from public access tv broadcasts from the 80s and 90s.

massage the history is a 10 minute film about these black kids in alabama who engage in ritualistic and sensual dance routines with inanimate objects, shot to 'massage the history' by sonic youth.

no heart feelings - low budget canadian pseudo documentary following a circle of friends in their late 20s during a summer in toronto. the story of my life! absolutely loved it.
I've liked most of what I've seen, didn't care much for tonight's Go Get Some Rosemary, but my favorite was seen earlier today at Abasto: Singapore's Red Dragonflies.