Baking Ingredients


Apr 15, 2007
I've been looking for chocolate chips and unsweetened cocoa powder - I've been to all the major supermercados with no luck - I did find the choco chips a few years ago, but now all I can find is the same brand (i forget the name) but for melting chocolate. Any ideas?
The Jumbo in Palermo (on Bullrich near the Palermo subte stop) has chocolate chips. Haven't seen unsweetened cocoa though...
for the chocolate chips, you can always cut up a candy bar
You can get unsweetened cocoa powder on dietéticas and other spice stores, theres a big one around Corrientes and Callao, I can't remember the name, I'm sure someone will mention it soon. My friend made mole sauce and she bought unsweetened cocoa powder there.
I checked out the Jumbo in Palermo with no luck... maybe just out of stock??

Maikito, I think you are talking about El Gato Negro? I will check it out today! Thanks for all the advice :) I'm making my boyfriend's family cheesecake brownies (they are fanatics of cheesecake and brownies, and have never tried the two together) but I want to make sure to do it justice and make them right!
I hear you with the unsweetened coco powder- I haven't found that anywhere! I also can't find unsweetened backing chocolate, which I use in a lot of my baking. I think I will ask a coming friend to bring me a ton of it!
Casa China, Icheban, Asia Oriental and other stores in Chinatown sell unsweetened (dark) cocoa as well as many other "international" baking/cooking ingredients that are hard to find at the local supermercado chains. You can also find the freshest fish in the city there at prices much less than your local pescadera.
Casa Polti has everything you want. almost, actually, I'm not sure they have chips. but they do have unsweetened bars & cocoa powder, vanilla pods, tortilla flour, baking soda, baking powder, etc. etc.

If you really really can't find any unsweetened cocoa, let me know. I have lots of it. Both Mexican & Swiss.
For chocolate chips -- buy a good quality chocolate par and chop it up into chunky bits. You will never look back... and in brownies it's so much better than chocolate chips. I always use dark chocolate but you could get a milk chocolate bar if you want.
There are a bunch of stores that sell cake making supplies. Even some party stores have a section for it, and there you can find chocolate chips, artsy sugar molded cake toppers ect. They also have molds, and a lot of tools to make decorative cakes and such.