Ban On Gluten Free Wafers

According to Clarin the use of Gluten free wafers for Celiacs is banned , Only unleavened bread wafers can be used ... :cool: If you are celiac request Wine only.
A local distributor of Orgran has a line of products without gluten.

Do you mean that Clarin is advising the public not to eat gluten-free products?
Without the link, I can't read the article to which you refer.
A sacrament not suitable for celiacs: the Church forbids communion with gluten-free wafers

It is a circular sent to the bishops that exhorts to monitor the quality of the bread destined to the Eucharist. The option for those suffering from the disease is to take communion with wine.

One may be excommunicated :rolleyes:

The Catholic Church does not allow communion with wafers that do not contain gluten. This was reminded this weekend by the Vatican in a circular sent to the bishops by order of the Pope Francisco. Although not new, this last document exhorts "to watch over the quality of the bread and wine destined for the Eucharist and, therefore, those who prepare them" and suggests a series of practical indications. "wafers that do not contain gluten are not valid for the Eucharist," says the letter sent by the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments. Google Translate