Bariloche questions


Apr 27, 2009
We will go skiing in Bariloche in august, it will be the 1st time we ski in Argentina, and I have a few questions for the "Bariloche experts" (or anyone who knows a bit ;)) :

1. I can't seem to find a website with the condition and the hight of the snow : am I expecting too much (should I just 'wait and see'?) or am I not looking well?

2. We are driving from BA, can anyone recommend a place to spend the night about 2 h before Bariloche?

3. We are going with a 4WD, "normal" tyres (no winter or snow), and we are staying in el Catedral, will we need chains?

4. Now that I started asking, can someone recommend us good restaurants? on the slopes or in El Catedral or wherever ?

Thank you !!!
I believe a restaurant was recommended to me in Bariloche...the Map Room. Buena suerta, and please report on your ski trip when you return!
Hi Katti,

I can answer your questions.

1) As of now, the snow is fair above mid mountain. We need a storm, but skiing isn't bad.

2)The last place would be about Piedra del Alquila.

3)No, you will likely be find.

4)If you send me your email address, I will send you a copy of