Basmati or Jasmine rice

Oscar Tramor

Sep 6, 2009
hi all,

Does anyone know where I can find Basmati or Jamin rice, beacuse the rice Ive seen at my local supermarket (coto) is of such low quality that its not even funny. Oh and if anyone knows where to find some good spices that be great too.

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Napolean hit it on the head. I always buy basmati rice and spices in barrio chino - excellent selection! I lived in India for many years, so I love good rice and spices and from my experience here - China town is the's expensive, but it's worth it!
One of the brands here has Jazmin rice (blend?)in a black box which is half way decent. Casa China I believe sells both Basmati and Jasmine rice loose but at 25-30 pesos/kilo.
FYI, sometimes Carrefour carries jasmine rice in the ethnic foods section -- there´s a brand with a red phoenix on the package that´s one of my favorites, and it´s also one of the same brands that they sell at el Barrio Chino. Not all Carrefours carry it, but if there´s one in your neighborhood, you could keep an eye out for it :) You know, in case you can´t make it to Barrio Chino and you have a rice emergency! (I´m an Asian who can´t live without her rice!! To run out of rice is like a Code Red Emergency!).

Also a local brand called Gallo Oro has also started a new line called Arroz Thailandia (can´t remember the exact name -- someone pls correct me?) that is thai jasmine rice grown here in Argentina. Again, not all the chinos or supermarkets carry it, but if you see it, try it! It´s pretty good, though I notice it´s not quite as fragrant as other brands.