BCS Texas vs Bama


Mar 16, 2008
Anyone going to watch the college bowl game tonight? Maybe we can meet somewhere to watch it together.
i think the ONLY place to see it really would be El Alamo... it might be packed with freaks..but i am trying it!!! i think the game is 9pm here??? well I am rooting for texas...hahaha GO HORNS!!!:)
Right on.. I will also be going to El Alamo and also pulling for the Horns!! The guide says it starts at 10:30.. I will be sporting a Harley t-shirt, also named Steve.

Thanks steveinbsas, I have cablevision but I prefer to be in the bar with a bunch of other ball fans, it makes it a little more fun, at least for such a big game.
See you there
I still MIGHT? go to El Alamo.. but i didnt think it would be on down here on direct Tv or cable...... I never see college games.. well cool.... thanks baassteve.......... maybe i can stay home...I have a feeling I wont get a seat at El Alamo!!!