Beach rentals?


Sep 11, 2008
I'd like to rent a spot on the beach for the whole month of February. I want to stay away from Mar del Plata but otherwise am looking for suggestions about beaches that people like and maybe even a company or service or landlord you've worked with before.

I'm looking for:

Accomodations up to 4 (it doesn't matter if it's a department, house, cabana, etc.)
Less crazy than Mar del Plata but with places nearby like a market, restaurants, maybe a bar, etc
Access from Capital via bus
If it has internet that's ideal but as long as there's a place with internet nearby I'm set (since I'll have to make some pretense of working that month)

I can spend up to $4,000 pesos/ $1,000 US and have found several places on Mercado Libre and but thought I'd ask the group since there's always good advice to be had here!

Thanks much.