Beautiful Bahia Blanca

Yesterday I and a fellow expat went to Bahia Blanca for the first time and we were pleasantly suprised at the cleanliness and tranquility of this city . To all the expats who complain about how dirty and noisy Buenos Aires is this is a great choice for you to realocate to a vibrant city in the province of Buenos Aires.

Bahia Blanca is very close to the Atlantic coast as well as having unspoilt reserves less than an hour from the centre . The roads and public services seem excellent and the city centre retains a interesting mix of old and new architecture with an emphasis on low rise buildings. The people were delightful and seemed to smile constantly and there seemed to be very little crime or fear of crime .
two of my best friends in BA are from bahia blanca, brother and sister in fact. you can tell they are not porteño in their 'forma de ser'. i have also heard lovely things about bahia from them.
Wow, really, you liked it?

I was born in Bahia Blanca and grew up nearby ....I also lived there for a year when I was 19... the most depressing year of my life...and the wind! always the wind! Sorry: wind AND bats. Yes, bats. We could not keep our windows open in the summer in the building where I lived. I will never forget the smell of bat poop.

I went back there last Xmas after 12 years...looked so ugly and provincial to me...but yeah, it is quiet...and people are definitely nicer than porteños....they have built a pretty modern mall in the last years is all I can say.

You also have Sierra de la Ventana/Villa Ventana nearby and those windy beaches in Monte Hermoso.

diosaarenosa said:
. i have also heard lovely things about bahia from them.
Bahienses are so proud of their city it's ridiculous... Manu Ginobili and Cesar Milstein blah blah blah....

Sorry to sound like a bitter troll :eek:, but that's my personal experience...My brother lives there and I really envy the quiet lifestyle...but nothing else...

Did I say it's windy?:D
Obviously there are many sites with photos and videos. here is one that shows a lot of BB.

How was the public transportation? Did the buses make you want to jump in front of one as they do here in Buenos Aires where the pollution cant be described, pouring out of govt. authorized vehicles.

Some locals in Bahia Blanca say lack of govt. control is a serious problem. Did you eat any seafood while there?
Brocolli its a perfect place for you as the buses are modern the streets are clean and everyone has a smile on their face . Move to Bahia Blanca and become happy please;)
Sounds very nice. How come you don't have real estate listings for houses there? Is there a strong mathematics/scientific/business community there?