Beautiful cat for adoption


Jan 11, 2008
I just brought home a beautiful kitty that I found in the streets of San Isidro. Looks like she is only a few months old. I'll be taking her to vet and have her checked. My puppy does not get along with cats, so I cannot keep her. She has a long white coat with grey spots and light amber eyes. Contact me for pictures. If needed I am also happy to take her to Capital.
Just an update: Kitty is still available. She has had a health check (turns out she's spayed), got de-wormed and a flea treatment. My puppy still goes berserk on her so if you or someone you know is looking for a purring companion get in touch pls!
If she is already spayed, I'm wondering if anyone in San Isidro has seen posters that someone lost her?
I have of course been looking around for posters and called all the vets and pet shops and gave them my details in case the owner was looking for her. Nobody has claimed her. Many people just kick their pets out when they do not want them anymore. The other day someone had chained a grown dog to my neighbor's fence. The person also put up a note saying that he was moving and had to leave the dog behind.
The poor little one. I wish I could take it.... But I have two little dogs who don't really like cats, or other dogs, or other people! So they are a handful already!!

What happened to that poor dog in the street?
I had two beautiful siamese kittens that I recently gave up for adoption to a fantastic Argentine family in the provinces. I could not look after them anymore but I am very happy that their new home is the best for them. Lots of love to Mariana and her family.