Bedroom with terazza for rent by the week in Classic Belgrano townhouse (PH)

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Jul 27, 2006
I am now ready to offer the second floor bedroom in my PH for rent by the week (one or two) to solo travelers who are reluctant to book longer than that on line. The idea is to give new arrivals time to find a longer term rental in person and be certain of what they are renting. They also would not find themselves alone in a new city with no one to advise them (or talk to). Many of us arrive here under those exact circumstances.

I am not in the rental business and I would never rent my entire apartment to anyone. If I do have (short term) guests in my home, something I have considered doing for the past few months, I would definitely prefer solo travelers who are just arriving in Argentina. I can offer them a private bedroom with a bath just a few feet away, cable TV and a high speed internet connection and phone for local calls. There is also a plant filled terraza off the bedroom and washer and dryer in a separate lavadora. While I would prefer those individuals who aren't interested in cooking or entertaining, 24 hour access to the kitchen on the ground floor would be included, especially for making coffee, tea, and keeping things in the fridge.

There are many coffee shops and restaurants in the neighborhood, as well as a wonderful grocery store next door (with fresh-baked bread all day). The Congresso de Tucuman subway station is just two blocks from the apartment.

I think those over 30 (if not 40) would be best suited to spend a week or two "above me" in Nunez/Belgrano. Anyone who is interested please send me a PM.

There are photos of my apartment in the "Why not Belgrano?" thread. I suggest anyone considering staying in Belgrano (even for just a week or two) read it.
I would be interested. Other than the age I feel the description fits me fairly well.

A little about me. I am a 23 year old male who recently graduated college and I am going to law school next fall. On a partial whim I thought I would get a change of scenery down in Buenos Aires.

I had a room that I thought I was going to be able to rent but that fell through at the last minute. I have a hotel room for a week but place for another week or so while I work on finding a two month rental would be great.


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