Before you move-imporant documents


Aug 3, 2008
Here are some suggestions for those of you who will be moving to Argentina.
If you are planning on getting a visa or finding work (not necessary cash paid work). There are a couple of things you should bring with you.
1. Apostilled documents of your birth certificate
2. Apostilled documents of your marriage license (if married)
3. Apostilled documents of any certification license (ie, teaching, computer, nursing, etc)
4. If you plan on driving outside the BA providence, an international drivers license.
5. For those of you in the US, EarthClassMail can give you a PO Box in the US.
Good Luck and enjoy your adventure.:rolleyes:
"5. For those of you in the US, EarthClassMail can give you a PO Box in the US."

I remember watching something about EarthClassMail on - some "business startup" documentary of sorts.

From what I remember, they basically scan all of your mail, so you don't have to physically be there to read it, right?
Yes..and if you need a street address in the US you can also get one. Our bank in the US won't send us stuff to the PO unless we have the street address. You can get important documents sent to you also via FEDEX.
6. Look into Skype or Vontage for a local number to the states.
7. Apositlled Criminal Records.
These documents will help you for getting a visa.
Thanks for the info!

I'm currently applying for a work visa here and the require 6 passport style photos. Do you know if the photos should be Argentinean style (with the 3/4 turn) or straight on (I'm from the in the 'states style')?
You can go to any photo for passport place and just get those. I believe you can get them 6 to a sheet.