Best Cafés For Working


Mar 20, 2015
Hey everyone,

I'm here in Argentina doing some research, and I work best in public spaces like cafés. Are there are any good café/bars in the city that I could work at for hours on end? I would particularly love the opportunity to work somewhere where I can transition from coffee to I asking for too much? Haha. Anyway, if you have any good ideas, please let me know.

It is not particularly safe to hang around in cafés with your expensive laptop on show. It is also a no-go if you have to use the restroom and your equipment stays on the table. In my experience, Wi-Fi reception in cafés is usually not enough to work online, making online researches as painful as doing them in a library.

You might want to look for places where you can hang in a quiet corner, far from the windows, maybe upstairs.
Enjoy your public space work...and hold your pee!
I worked almost every day for 7 years from a cafe. While you do need to be careful, no need to be paranoid.

There are plenty of places with plugins and wifi in Belgrano and Palermo Soho.

If you really want specifics, I can give you a list of my personal favorites.
Yeah, there are numerous situations where one should not sit for hours on end with expensive goods, but cafe's are pretty low down the list in my experience. I have been in chain coffee stores and never had a problem on countless occasions. That scratches switching to alcahol mind, although there are plenty of cafe/bars around. Saying which ones would depend on where you were etc.
Yes, I have already worked with my laptop and tablet in numerous Starbucks in the city and I didn't feel particularly unsafe. I had the same problem in Uruguay: my family, who live in the sheltered suburbs of Montevideo, were hyper-sensitized to the crime threat. I think it's best to not be controlled through paranoia or fear, but to be aware of your surroundings and making sure to see what the locals are using/doing in a given context.

To everyone, f you don't mind giving me some top choices. I am going to be in the Palermo Viejo/San Nicolás era for the duration of my trip. I just don't want to work at Starbucks exclusively.
Hey, if you don't mind paying a bit, you've got some nice co-working spaces such as Office Station and La Maquinita, both in Palermo Soho. I personally love La Maquinita. You've got good front desk service, free coffee, beer after 18h, and many people with different backgrounds to talk to when you want to take a break from working. I take my computer to work every day and I've never had a problem.