Best Casa De Cambio In Palermo?


Jan 2, 2017
hey all!

I will arrive in a week to BA and was wondering the best casa de cambio's in palermo. Both from an exchange rate and safety standpoint. I will only be in BA for 2 months so I plan on bringing USD and exchanging them to pesos when I arrive.

Please let me know! and if you think I am safe to do this or if you think it is better to use a xoom account instead.

If you want the good rate go for the unofficial rate at cuevas or money changers like on Florida. Make sure the cash you have is 100 bills, take the cash to bank and ask for new 100s for your best bet. You can shop around but the difference would be so small that you have to factor time vs money. Personally I would just take the USD to pay for stuff like rent if you are going to be in BA for awhile (rent is often payed in USD). In BA I used my debit card which gave me the visa exchange rate, find that here
It will give you peso to dollar on that site so if you do 1 divided by the rate of 1 ARS to USD you will get USD to ARS rate