Best Countries To Live In


I do have a side question: would your answer to the ideal place to call a base change if you 100% depended on passive income?
It's part of the mix, which is why my comment was so non-responsive. Economics is, of course, in the "must-have" as opposed to the "nice-to-have" column. If you can't afford it, you can't go there. If you need to work in Utopia it's likely quite a different place from the one you go to with dollars in your pocket.


Yeah, I knew what you were after and I sort of derailed the theme with my personal bloviating. Apologies for that, but you did press one of my favorite buttons.

"If x happens, I'm leaving the country!" By actual count, that has been said 123,738,917 times, and no one's left yet. (Look it up.)
Or they say that they will set themselves on fire!