Best happy hours?


Jul 4, 2011
What are the best happy hours in Buenos Aires? I know that Bar Seis in Palermo has two great happy hours and that Shamrock in Recoleta has a great one, but what are some other ones?

I remember there was a similar thread to this a few months back. You might want to search the threads but I think the pickupthefork blog is pretty spot on.
The only recommendation I absolutely do not agree with is Benihana. I only went there once (last summer) but it was vile. If I remember correctly we paid 15 pesos per cocktail during happy hour. I can;t remember what I ordered now (some kind of daiquiri, I think) and it was basically half a glass of national alcohol and half a glass of that sickly sweet tinned fruit pulp. I sent it back because it was undrinkable and was bought a new glass containing 1/3 national alcohol and 2/3 fruit pulp (I just left it). My husband got a margarita which was also national alcohol (that stuff burns...) and some kind of over-sweet lemony mix. Maybe they were having an off-day or the usual barman wasn't around because I'm surprised that putf had such a different experience. I was so put off though, that I can't face going back for another shot!