Best Internet Service Provider In Barrios Cerrados


Sep 3, 2017
Hi everyone,

This is my first post here. I am thinking about moving to Pilar and am wondering if anyone has any experience with internet providers in the area. The barrios (or countries) I am looking at are all along Panamericana (Mapuche, Farm Club, La Lomada, Ayres del Pilar, etc). I've tried to get some information on the situation of internet services but never get a straight answer. Anyone here who's lived in the area or at least has some knowledge?

Currently where I am I get decent internet at 25 mobs. I'm looking at something similar, and dependable (as much as internet can be dependable here in Argentina).

Appreciate any help or tips you guys can throw my way.
I live in a "Country" in that area of Pilar and have had satisfactory Internet service from Cablevisión/Fibertel for 10 years. I do not have much to compare it to; I also have Fibertel in my office in Capital.
You can't go wrong with Fibertel. Avoid Arnet and Speedy (Telefonica).