Best job in the World?


Jan 13, 2009
Intrepid Travel, a worldwide adventure tour operator is seeking people to join their team of group leaders in South America (Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina and Brazil).

Leaders must have excellent people skills, decision making and organisational skills. Experience or qualification within the tourism industry is preferred.

If you have travel experience and strong knowledge of South America and want to share your love for travel with others visit the website to apply online.

Fluency in English and Spanish is essential.

Online applications ONLY.

I worked with these guys for 5 years so if you want hints and tips on what they expect from an applicant, PM me your queries.
They prefer Locals but if you have been on the continent for a few years they may make an exception.
Yes, I agree that Tour Leading is the best job in the world, but read through the website carefully, you will have numerous out of pocket expenses before you start working and earning money.

From the intrepidtravel website:

"NOTE: Only nationals of relevant South American countries need apply"
ie. they will pay pittance?

must go on to two weeks training: "To eliminate the risk of people having a free holiday at Intrepid's expense (yes, it has happened), new leaders are required to pay their own way to the training destination Additionally, successful trainees pay their own airfare to their starting destination (if this is different to your training location)."

"qualifications & experience
  • Level 2 Senior First Aid Certificate or equivalent (must be completed prior to commencement)."
I assume you will have to pay for this yourself.

Make sure they include personal indemnity and accident insurance.

There are loads of Travel Companies out there, do your research.
Hi Pez
I work as a guide and as a TD for a couple of companies,I live in Argentina but work for AMerican and French comapnies. Can you give me any insights, advice or recommendations for this company.