Best liquor store for fine rums, liquors etc?


Jul 24, 2007
can anyone suggest a place for the best selection of imported rums, liquers, syrups and mixers? thanks.
the best imported rums available in buenos aires are the following:
st theresa ( venezuela ) best ) importer premier
havana 7 year ( cuba ) very good ( liquor stores or disco/careford )
bacardi ( liquor stores or disco/careford )
i hear that somewhere in the city cruzan single barrel rum is available at one of the in town duty free shops or the airport. excellent rum
being an expat bar owner that works with distributors & importers i know for a fact that fine liquors and.or standard inventory stock spiirits are just not available. this being the case i have bottles brought in from outside the country. if you would like i can have one of my sources bring you a bottle.
fyi: my aussie amiga brought me a bottle of bunderberg a few weeks back and in a few weeks i will have appleston estate and cruzan single barrel. now there are of course very expensive and rare rums, but for my business thay would be nothing more than displays on my liquor rack.
also if you care to enjoy a truly memorable rum ( not expensive in the states, but a super premium here due to " ya just cant get it here" ) i carry sailor jerry 92 proof spiced rum alonf with many others.
dark , spiced, aged rums are not available. if you know of any places that carry hard to find liquors please let me know.
Do NOT buy Bacardi if you care about taste.
Even the 8 anos Bacardi is bleh. Only buy Havana Club if you want a big name brand or buy some other specialty rum if you really know your stuff. DO NOT BUY BACARDI!!
It's like claiming to be a tequila connoisseur and claiming that Jose Cuervo Gold is the only way to go.
Just say NO! Your taste buds will thank you.
Mercado libre is a good place to go for hard to find alcohol. Often these are licor shops advertising but sometimes people bringing stuff in and then selling it.

It is vey hard to find dark and spiced rums here - as with other foods strong flavours tend to go down badly in drinks with porteños