Best Pizza in BA

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Apr 3, 2009
Just wondering what everyone thinks is the best pizza in BA. I like romario's but would like some other suggestions.

I think it's my pizza, I found recipes for Papa John's pizza on the internet and recreated it here at home. It's almost an exact duplicate of PJ's pizza. I think all the pizza here pretty much sucks.
I`d recommend Kentucky (on Santa Fe, right before the bridge of Juan B. Justo), and Cuartetas on Corrientes and Esmeraldas. Only if you like loads of cheese :)
I am interested in how this thread turns out, because I am a fan of pizza, but, he says with a snobbish grin, only thin crust Italian style pizza of the Naples style. And frankly, I have not yet found a pizza anywhere here that was nearly good enough. I have been to the Kentucky mentioned, and it was at least edible, although with enough salt to give a heart attack to an elephant. So if anyone can recommend a pizza place here that is anywhere close to what you would find regularly in Naples, I would love to know where it is.
My favorite game with Portenos is to ask two or three which is the best pizza- and watch the ensuing two hour argument.

Me, I like different kinds of pizza- just as I will amiably drink Kentucky Bourbon, Irish Whiskey, and Single Malt Scotch.

And no, the pizza in BsAs is not the same as Chicago deep dish, or a quattro stagione at Baffeto in Piazza Navona in Rome- but I think there is some great pizza here. I have never eaten a Papa Murphy's pizza, so I have no idea if its as good, or bad, as that.

my favorites are-
A La Piedra- Io Te Amasso, on Malabia, between Palermo Soho and Barrio Norte. Good salads, too.
or there is a trendy place just off Santa Fe, down by Callao, that has fancy martinis and a really good thin crust basil and sun dried tomato pizza- cant remember the name.

But the classics are great, in my opinion.
I love Guerrin, and Los Immortales, and El Cuartito and Los Cuartetas and El Palacio- the atmosphere, the people, the going back in time that a night out on Corrientes offers, a chop and a fugazzetta- man, I am in heaven.

I recently got taken to La Mezzetta (by a taxi driver, no less) and I was totally digging the upside down cooked Fugazzeta- probably the best I ever had- straight cholesterol laced Heroin, to me.

And Punto y Banca, on Honduras- to me, thats exactly what pizza should be.

Like everything else about Buenos Aires, if you go with preconceptions that its not like Italy, or New Jersey, or Chicago- well, of course, you will have a self fulfilling prophecy.
Eat local, Eat whats here, appreciate it for what it IS, not what it aint, and there is plenty of good pizza here.

Take some of Layne Mosler's advice- eat where the taxista's eat-

she has reviews of Punto y Banca, La Mezzetta, and lots more.
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This is thin crust gourmet style pizza, very good. As a New Yorker, the typical pizza here is bad........way bad. Flavorful tomatoes are almost impossible to find, finding canned imported Sam Marzano's is impossible.

:Dpizza piola (libertad/santa fe) is defenitely the best!
Ries said:
Take some of Layne Mosler's advice- eat where the taxista's eat-

The Taxi Gourmet works in every major city but Buenos Aires. She even points that out in her review... because locals will eat the same dull stuff no matter how tasteless and/or fatty it is.

I personally like El Cuartito, but then again I love their jamon y roquefort empanadas. I also like their fugazzetta. My roommate (an Argentine) likes the Las Cuartetas mentioned above and has never heard of El Cuartito (although it isn't that far from where we live).

Piola is expensive. Yes it's good, but it's not really a pizzaria. It's a chain with a kazillion locations in Brazil, one in Buenos Aires, a few in the States, at least one or two in Italy... and it's kind of a hip bar/restaurant/monument to TAM advertising. The pizza is good, but I wouldn't say you necessarily get what you pay for.

I'd be interested in taking a peek at that Papa John's recipe. I think the best thing about their pizzas is that that have enough sauce for you to actually notice it AND that sauce is good.
Cool, thanks, will be trying some of these places.
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