Best Place To Get A New Suitcase?


Nov 30, 2013
I am off home at the end of the week and fancy a new suitcase as my one is worn out just about. Where is the best place to get one here any suggestions?

Or shall I wait until back in England....from what I have seen in shop windows they look to be quite expensive here for a good one, like 2000 pesos and more...I don't think I ever spent the equivalent of £100 on one....but I guess these are the better ones and they seem to be the ones with a hard plastic outside.
Any ideas more than welcome thanks.....and I do have a little hole in the top of my maybe it is a good idea to just get this one all wrapped up at the airport right? on that machine they use there...and it should get all the way back to the UK like this without them cutting it open or something?

I did once have my lock broken off so someone had a look inside, and not sure if that was here or in the USA where I went via once.

This time I am going back through Brazil to yes I may just get it wrapped in that plastic wrapping maching to secure it better, if the prices are too high here and better in the UK I shall wait.


Feb 19, 2016
wait til you get to the Uk! good quality, cheap prices.

we bought ours from Debenhams in the sale, 6 of them. they are fab. they have travelled everywhere with us.
10 years on they are still going strong. i guess they were there are debenhams own brand.
Nothing fancy !