Best Place to Watch Packers/Vikings on Monday Night Football


Sep 16, 2009
I am making a solid effort to enjoy all the things BsAs has to offer, but I cant miss this game. Favre returns to Lambeau field wearing Purple. Go Pack!

Any suggestions on the best place to watch a Monday Night Football game?

I could watch it at my apartment but I need to work on my Spanish a bit more before I understand the Spanish speaking commentators.

The Alamo has been a great place thus far - feels like any other Chicago bar during the day on Saturday/Sunday. I havent been there on a Monday night and I hear the Monday night activities at the Alamo (Bikini Contest?) may be prohibitive to watching the game. I mean, it sounds genius to me - Bikini's and football - but this is an important game for a serious Packer fan.

I want to know this info as well! Also, "ChicagoJordan" I want to know why the hell you're not a Bears fan!! Where are you from, man? I'm from the South suburbs!

I have no TV at my apartment, so I had to listen to the Bears game on the radio and watch the GameChannel thing on Yahoo. If anyone is up for having expats over on Sundays to watch games or is up for hosting football or postseason baseball events, let me know. I'm totally willing to buy a crapload of beer and chips for anything like that. I'm missing U.S. sports too much :(

Let me know,
I watch NFL, MLB all the time, and the best part is that I do it in my own living room! :eek:

I have a bunch of websites that stream the games over the internet and I hook up my laptop to my TV and voilá..!

If you're interested, let me know and I'll give you the links.