Best Pre-club bar??


Sep 1, 2009
What are some good bars to go to before heading out to a club? Here I am drinking by myself again before I go out. The only ones I know are Milion and Gran Bar Danzon but I'm bored of them and I'd also like something with younger people. I'd prefer something where you don't have to wait in line to get in...kind of defeats the purpose of "pre-club" a lot of the places in Palermo are out I think, there's no way I'm waiting in line to get into a bar.

I don't care if the bar is expat or not, just a nice place to have drinks, meet people etc. that's not too crazy. Some of these places you can't even move in.
I like Congo (Honduras y Godoy Cruz) and Godoy (Paraguay y Godoy Cruz). Congo has a nice area out back and is pretty tranquilo. Godoy also has a nice outdoor area but it's not quite warm enough yet. Plenty of others but those come to mind.