bi-lingual primary schools


May 19, 2006
hi there id like to have any recommendations for bilingual schools eng/span in bario norte or palermo areas...i have found alot of schools but dont know where to start for my 5 and 4 year old boys.. cheers
Many many schools are moving to the outskirts (young families are leaving BA because of the outrageous prices and seeking green in the northern suberbs), be sure not to enroll your children in one of them (Victoria College on Segui and R.India is one of them). There may be many left that are good BUT catholic, I don't know if that is your choice (I believe not). If Religion is not an issue, then you can try Palermo Chico some blocks away from Plaza Serrano, small school, familiar, high academic standards. Anyway it follows some catholic guidance but by no ways it is founded nor managed by monks, priests or anybody belonging to the church
In Barrio Norte, you'll find very traditional schools (my dad went to one of them so imagine, he is 60) with cero infrastructure that have recently added english to upgrade their curriculum and call themselves bilingual. Beware of these. I would avoid these schools with no air, all classes clustered, in the middle of town (Sta Fe et..)
The best offer is really in the norther outskirts from academics, extracurricular activities, state of the art facilities, infrastructure (think that they have just been built, they have green, garden!), to sports camp, I wouldn't doubt it.
Hope it helps.