Big Favor: someone near Cafe Tortino in BA


Jan 8, 2009
Hello all,

I have a big favor to ask of someone able to get to Cafe Tortoni at Avenida de Mayo 825 in Buenos Aires.

We saw the tango show and my friend loved it. She bought the CD and had it autographed to her by the piano player Jorge Rattoni.

We lost the CD when we forgot it in the rental car. With my non-existent Spanish, I've been calling the car rental agency to no avail. They say they haven't been unable to find it.

Trying to buy it, have it autographed, and shipped from Cafe Tortino has not worked either.

So this is a big favor to ask of someone, begging at this point. Can someone near Cafe Tortino, buy the CD, have it autographed to her, and mail it to me?

I will, of course, pay for the CD (~30 pesos), mailing costs, and time and trouble. If you have paypal that'll be great. if not we can work something out.

My friend really loved the show and it would be a nice surprise if this can be done.

I found a picture of him on the web if needed and here's a link to show times. I'm not sure if he's in which days, both shows or one of the shows.

This is really a big favor to ask :-( and I hope someone can help me.

I'll be posting the same message in other forums so please don't be offended if you see it again.

Thanks in advance!