bikram yoga - does it exist in BA?


Jul 29, 2008
does anyone know if there is a centre in BA that has the facilities for bikram (hot) yoga? i have just recently started doing it in london and am completely hooked, going every day! i want to know whether it's something i can continue doing in BA. would love to hear from anyone who has done it over there, or who knows of yoga centres that do it, details, experiences, prices etc
Bikram Yoga does exist here and one of or latest members Annie Ory has recently opened a Studio here in Palermo . She is fantastic and comes with high recommendations
Contact her on [email protected]
Hey All~Yes, there are Bikram classes in Buenos Aires now, and, no my studio is not open yet. There are 2 other teachers here, a couple, also looking for studio space. Soon an official Bikram studio space will be open in Palermo Soho and possibly very soon thereafter in other parts of the city as well. Jay and Carla are very experienced Bikram teachers and I am looking forward myself to having a studio to practice at and teachers to take class from. Right now I am offering 5 classes a week in another, unofficial, yoga studio during hours they have the room available. It is a very nice, very clean space with good energy and showers, great staff. Really nice, really wonderful. I am happy to be here and to be teaching. I look forward to seeing anyone who interested in Bikram yoga in classes in Palermo Soho very soon. Ciao~Annie~
the 5 classes you teach - are they group sessions? how much is it per session, so that i get an idea of cost. thanks. any idea of when this official palermo soho bikram studio will open?