Birth Certificate copy acceptable at Migraciones??


Jan 14, 2010
I am trying to get things ready to apply for a residency permit at Migraciones including, obviously, my birth certificate. However, this is in the hands of my father in the USA who does not want to send it (the only copy) to me here (thanks Dad). The Migraciones website says that the original is needed, but does anyone know if I can use some kind of notarized copy?

I guess I can request another copy of the document from the States but it will just mean more time.

Thanks for the help!

It needs to be officially issued from the government registry from the state your were born in, not from the hospital. You can get it from here Vital Check I got mine quick, and I requested 2 copies.
For my work visa I had to specifically request a long form birth certicate (usually takes about 2 weeks) as opposed to the short form which you can get in 2 days. They sent me the wrong one the first time around.
These guys send you the long one, the correct one. I also got the short one first which cannot be apostilled. I was born in Jersey and the short one didn't work for me either. Vital Check sent me the correct one.
Thanks so much, I'll check that website out. Good to know I need the long one, too.
Yeah, from experience I can say, forget about the original one you had, it more than likely will get rejected.

I don't know if it's the same for Americans, but Canadians also have to send their birth certificate and all other documentation to the office of the Argentine Consul that deals with their province, they will then stamp it, then you can get the translation done here in Argentina instead of at home, ad then take everything to Migraciones here.
YES!!! Remember to get it apostilled before getting it sent here.
Yes, it's true that migraciones wants a new (post 2000) "official copy of birth record" but it is also possible to give them a photocopy of that document (with the seal of the apostille and translated and legalized in Argentina) if you have the photocopies legalized by an escribano.

You can give the RNP the same when you apply for your DNI.

I know this is true from personal experience.

You can also request multiple copies of the birth certificate and have them individually translated and legalized here, but it's probably cheaper to have an escribano legalize the photocopies.

I'll call mine tomorrow and ask for the current rate.
Montrose - is your dad in your hometown? Which city? I got my official copy on the spot by going to the County Registrar´s office (I requested two copies just in case). Then you have to go to the Secretary of State´s regional office to get it apostillized. Your dad can do both for you and send you the apostillized copy.
Well it's a little complicated because I was born outside of the US (but as a US citizen, never any other citizenship) so I am not sure if I need to get the certificate from the foreign country or if I can use the "Record of Birth of an American Citizen Abroad" that my parents obtained from the US Embassy when I was born.