Birth Control Pills - Names of Medication


Since you can buy the emergency "after day" pill w/o prescription, for sure you can buy the dailys.

Unless you are for short term...why avoiding an appointment with your gynaecologist? he/she will give you at least two months for free and a prescription for another 2 months-

Many pharmacies gives you up to 25% discount w the prescription



Ask your gynaecologist about the "plan de procreacion responsable." It's free birth control pills. Obviously, you'll need a prescription from a doctor. Mine gives me three months worth at a time. If I understand correctly, it's a government program, so I don't know how much your obra social will have to do with it.


is it at all possible to find the nuva ring in buenos aires? i asked about it, and even showed a opened package of one at a farmacity and they looked at me like i was an alien.


My Dr just gave me a prescription for Diva Total today (which the pharmacy told me isn't covered by my insurance...) and it appears to be the same formula as Yaz. Why is yaz so awful? I'm nervous now...


Just wanted to write a quick update and say that I was able to find the Nuvaring at my local Farmacity. The problem, I think, is that the Nuvaring needs to be stored in the refrigerator, and not every pharmacy has one. I had to go around to several places, before checking out Farmacity. Hope this helps!


It is mandatory to a pharmacy to have a fridge in perfect working conditions. One of the main duties of the pharmacist in charge is to measure the temperature of the refrigerator at least twice a day to maintain the cold chain. It has to be between 2 to 8 Centigrades. If a pharmacy doesnt have a working refrigerator, the pharmacy will be closed to the public, as written by rules of the Ministry of Health, following international guidelines (World Health Organization)


I went to the farmacist, and told him what I used to use. he looked it up on the internet and gave me the exact same product, "made in Argentina";

On the other hand, I went to the gyneacologist, she subscribed me something else / better for me, and through OSDE i get it for free. I just saved 200 pesos...