Birthday Cake


Jul 31, 2008
Does anyone know where I can buy a birthday cake for my baby's first birthday party?
PS...I live in town, so would prefer it to be local - Palermo Chico, or nearby...
I have seen birthday cakes in the bakery on the corner of Paraguay and either Ecuador or Jean Juares. (I can't remember exactly which cross street it was.)
well there are lots of pnanaderia, honestly i don't think there is any special, so just focus on simple things and go on
Como en Casa makes DElicious cakes. Nucha makes great cakes as well. However both of these are pretty adult places, though Nucha may do kids birthday cakes as well, or possibly cupcakes. I also wonder if maybe Maru Botano may have kids cakes.

Nucha has 4 or 5 different locations, Como en Casa is in Recoleta and in Belgrano (Ciudad de la Paz), Maru Botano is in Belgrano (3 de Febrero I believe)
I know of a shop that makes cakes to order. The ones for kids, castles, barbies, etc. But it's in Belgrano in a some what creepy little galeria. I've never had one of their cakes but I often cut through the galeria. So, if you don't find anything else & want to try them. Send me a message & I'll give you the exact address.
Theme cakes usually have to be ordered in advance at confiterias, panaderias, casas de reposteria. Usually they don´t have them on the displays but they have books with pictures. Places like Nucha, Como en Casa, Maru Botana etc, make delicious cakes, they won´t decorate them.
Here are a few I found ( I haven´t tried any of these )

Hope it helps :)
Thanks so much everyone for responding. That is so helpful. Will look into it.
Angie - I have a major sweet tooth and on another expat forum I asked the question about the best postre places in BA. By far Maru is the best. Very fresh and awesome. A fellow expat loved them so much that she had them do her wedding cake. They are abit on the pricey side but the proportions are big and it's worth it. They have a location in Retiro which really is like Recoleta and is walkable, as I've done, from Palermo Chico.