Birthday party (baby) need ideas please!!


Oct 1, 2011
Hi all,
Next week I am having a small party for mymson who turns 1.
I am going to have it in my house and expect approx 30 people.
There should be about 15-20 kids aged 1-8. I need suggestions for enterntainment...
I am thinking of having choripan, hamburgers and pizzas and empanadas, i have a big trampoline and heated pool, both useable if weater permitting..
Other than that no big attraction, maybe can screen a movie inside.

Any ideas are welcome, keep in mind it's short notice but I don't want the kids to get bored..maybe I can do a treasure hunt but if it will rain I would be in trouble, or maybe can domit in the house...hmmm

Thanks for any input and suggestions!
we booked a "tren de alegria" for our sons birthday.It came on time and took the kids around the strets for 50 mins(including pitufos on board)similar to those in Mar Del Plata,the kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves.if you are interested let me know and I,ll give you a contact number,Howard
Sounds nice, but I don't think it would be a fit for this part of town..
Thanks though