Blackberrys in Buenos Aires


Mar 15, 2009

I want to buy a Blackberry, but am not sure what my best and most affordable options are.

I imagine it is cheaper to buy one in the U.S. and bring it down, correct?

If so, how do I get it to work with my current BA cell phone carrier (Claro)?

Any and all ideas/guidance on the best way to get myself going with a Blackberry in BA are most appreciated. Thanks.

If u get it in the states, u must get it unlocked and then ask Claro for their blackberry settings
I brought two unlocked T-mobile Blackberries from the States.

On one I added international data service from T-Mobile for $19.99/month and turned on call forwarding to my Vonage line, so I use it for data only and all my calls come in to my Vonage phone. It's an expensive option, but paid for by business, so it works ok.

On the other, I installed a pre-paid SIM from Movistar. I was not able to get a data plan without a DNI number, which I do not have.

Would love to know if there are any other options for data...
Thanks for the info, Maikito and Sleuth.

Maikito, would Claro just give me their Blackberry settings, no questions asked? Wouldn't they charge me, or want me to sign up with their plan?

I have a blackberry with AT&T US based number & it works fine here. I use it for data (linked to corp server) and voice. I don't however use the web browser. My company just used the international plan. Don't know what the cost is though sorry.