blood work testing where?


Dear fellow expat, I need to get bloodwork done; in particular for the levels of Thyroid and Testosterone. where is a good place to get that reliably checked to a cheap price?

thank you very much

ps: i live in palermo. i'd favor something close but it's not a necessity.


Any of the labs in the area will do this for a fee, and I think the fees are fairly standard from one place to another. If you have a prepago, get a doctor to write a receta, and the tests are free.

Checking the OSDE cartilla, there are labs at

  • Cerviño 3618
  • Juncal 3118
  • Santa Fe 3233 PB "C"
  • Scalabrini Ortiz 2479 4°
  • Gascón 656
  • Scalabrini Ortiz 1570
  • Salguero 554/60
Most of the private hospitals will also handle this, including the Alemán, which is easy to deal with.

According to my doctor, the premier lab in the country is Scherer, at Juncal 1720 near Rodriguez Peña in Recoleta. I use them for routine testing and can recommend them highly.


You have to get a doctor's "orden" in order to get blood work done so that would be a good place to can't just turn up to a lab without it. You'd probably be best going to a "medico clinico" any of the big hospitals (swiss, aleman, Italiana, etc) - it'll probably cost around 250 pesos + whatever the lab fees are for the actual bloodwork. The doctor will be able to recommend somewhere. If you have an obra social, just find a medico clinico who accepts your insurance - it'll all be covered.


I have walked into a lab in Boyaca in Flores the last three years without a doctors order to get my annual check up and there has been no problem . As long as I paid my fee they were happy.


You have to get a doctor's "orden" in order to get blood work done so that would be a good place to can't just turn up to a lab without it.
this incorrect information. you can just walk in without anything from a doctor, and get the results a few days later. we recently went to ALVI, uriarte 2477 , between guemes and santa fe. they were great, and not expensive.


Thanks for all the comments, guys.
@Ashley it is not necessary to have an orden. I've just checked personally.

This morning I went to ALVI in Palermo. Their lab is open mon-friday from 8 to 9:45 AM.
The place looks like a shit hole. Prices are about 500 for an extensive test.

I later realized I know a girl studying medicine here in BA, she is Argentine. I asked her and she strongly advised to go to ROSSI ( She would NOT recommend any of the other clinics.
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I've discussed this with my doctor, a retired department head of the medical faculty. To summarize his advice, Scherer is the best in the country by all quality measures, and one of a handful of labs that do rare, difficult tests themselves. (Other labs farm these out or do a guesstimate without telling you.) Rossi is reliable, as is the lab of the Facultad at the Hospital de Clinicas. The better private hospitals, like the Alemán, are also generally trustworthy. The smaller labs can be hit-or-miss.