Bloomberg interviews Domingo Cavallo, former minister of economy

Cavallo said a week ago "devaluation is Inevitable" now devaluation can be avoided..?

Also said in 2002? Who deposited Dollars will get Dollars..." Didn't happen...!

Cavallo .. " A has Been.."
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In my humble opinion, DC policies killed an unaccounted number of people during the Corralito.
The elder suffered endlessly at the gates of their banks under a crushing sun.
Drugs were not purchased for lack of funds, people got desperate.
Remember the AFJPs? And where the money went...

The treatment we got was brutal, inhuman. But he wept for the cameras...

Saw him once at a restaurant a few years ago and his sight made me sick.

But he charges small fortunes for his lectures as has never been on trial or in jail. Go figure.