Book Club in Spanish start-up


Jan 26, 2006
Hi everyone, I would like test your interest in a book club here in Buenos Aires, to read books in Spanish to both improve our Spanish--both conversational and formal, our Hispanic culture and enjoy ourselves at the same time.

I have an excelent teacher who could guide us, a suggested first author, Roberto Bolaño, and could meet in either our homes or in a café.

I´m looking for up to eight long-term expats who could commit to once a week for a month or two for each book, with at least reading skills (can read La Nación) and some conversational ability.

The cost of the teacher would be around 20 pesos each, plus a bit more for refreshments.

If you're interested, curious, or experienced and have better ideas, let me know either here or write me at [email protected], 1561971446.

I hope there are enough of us to get this off the ground.


Mike Anderson
I'd be interested -- what kind of books are you thinking (maybe some example titles)? I'm here permanently so would be happy to at least give it a go for the first book (as long as it's not Crepusculo -- Twilight -- PLEASE don't make it one of those, a friend already convinced me to read it and I just about killed

Any idea whereabouts you're thinking to hold this?
I would be very interested as well! I'm a permanent expat as well, and am always trying to improve my Spanish reading (which perhaps I don't do frequently enough) and would love to have some guidance as to good books. Send me a PM if this gets going - where you plan on doing it, etc, and what day or time, so i can see if it fits into my schedule :)

Sounds like a very fun idea.
I'm also really interested in this! I feel like my Spanish has plateaued and this sounds like a great way to force me to read in Spanish. I'm here permenately. Any thoughts on where to hold meetings/when?
I would be happy to offer my house, but it's very small - if we are only some 5 or 6 people we'll fit - I would happily provide mate and galletitas a la argentine, but if it's more than that maybe someone else could offer their place? Or a centrally-located cafe would be good - Palermo is usually convenient for many expats. I hope this gets organized.

One thing mike, it'd great to have a good teacher as a guide, but do you mean that'd cost 20 pesos per person per meeting? That's kind of an expensive teacher don't you think? :) Unless we're meeting for 3 or 4 hours of course!!
There are now four of us, I'll wait to Monday to see if there are more. I'll wait till Monday to see if there are any more. Regarding the issues you raised.

1. Location, thanks KatharineAnn for the offer of your home, our teacher has offered hers as well, as I mine. However she lives in Belgrano and I live close to San Telmo which may or may not be convenient for some (although mine is really easy to get to from anywhere). Maybe an initial organizational meeting in a coffee shop in Palermo or one of our houses to decide.

2. Time, always a problem but I'm open to anytime and any day of the week.

3. What to read first, let's each make a proposal--my initial proposal Bolaño a Chilean writer is the new Borges so I am told but might be too difficult for some. Since we're living in BA maybe an Argentine writer.

4. cost, the 20 pesos was the cost for 2 hours for up to five people which the professor proposed, if more show up maybe a bit less, or maybe a pay what you can afford sort of deal. We can raise it with her. However, as she and I discussed it, she'll be very active in the group, correcting our mistakes, clarifying ideas and word usage, etc. So I expect we'll get our money's worth.

I'll PM you all next week with more details--meanwhile, send in your suggestions!!!
Oh. With a teacher sounds great! My suggestion: something on the thin side to start! ;)
What a great idea! Too bad I am only here until end of Aug! However, I am happy to suggest a few books for the list.

1) The first is just a little book (only about 130 pages) - on the thin side as Mini suggests - by Gabriel Garcia Marquez called: Crónica de una muerte anunciada
It is a gem of a book and much, much, more readable than his more famous novel A Hundred Years of Solitude, which frankly I never completely finished neither in Spanish or English despite several attempts.

2) The second is Los Cuentos de Eva Luna by Isabel Allendes. Also on the small side and useful as it is a compilation of short stories. This might be the easiest to tackle first as you could do a few of the stories at a time. Start with "Una Venganza" one of my personal favorites.

It might also be helpful that some may have already read these in English. Anyways I would join your first one for sure if you have it before end of August.
Hey guys

What would ya'll think of a kick-off meeting here in Vicente Lopez next Sunday, with a BBQ afterwords?

Start the Book Club around 1 and burn some burgers around 3 or 4?

It would also be great if Igor were well enough to attend at least the burger part, so we can all welcome him back to the land of vertical people!

If ya'll think it's a good idea, I'll start a separate thread about it in the next day or so, and we'll make it happen. Not to use any unfair tactics to lure people here, but Betts promised to make her seriously yummy chocolate chip cookies if we do this thing!


Rats!!!! now David is offering a BBQ as well, so we're likely to get 8232.3 people showing up. :) Really David, terrific offer, and Betts speaks warmly of you. So thanks.

I'll get back to you in the week about this when I've got a list to work from.