Bookclub Will Be Last Tuedays As Of 4/28 And More!

Alicia karr

I am happy to announce that the book club will change its monthly pot luck dinner meetings from the last Wednesday (where it conflicted with coffee chats) to the last Tuesday of every month.
What isn't changing is the great food,drink,company and conversation you'll find at the meetings!
It is not essential to have read the book either (usually at least a quarter of the attendees have not). The book discussion part of our meetings is based on questions related to themes found in the book and therefore anyone can participate in the conversation without having read the chosen book. We also try and vary the types of books and nationalities of the authors we choose so that all can relate.
We are a very friendly meeting that takes place in a home (not a public place). The meeting goes from 7:00 to about 10 and everyone brings a dish to pass that we coordinate for the dinner by posting here.
This months book is a work of non-fiction by Eric Larsen called "Dead Wake" that he wrote to commemorate the date of the sinking of the Lusitania.
History is not my thing but I have to say the book reads like a suspense novel and Larsen is a very critically acclaimed writer of non fiction. The book is already on the NYT best selling book list. It is available on all the book downloading sites such as I books and Kindle.
We will especially welcome new people at our next meeting on Tuesday the 28 of April. If you are interested in coming please indicate your interest and what dish you'd like to bring here and I will contact you with the address and phone number if this will be your first meeting. For those who already have come, please just state what you'd like to bring so the meal can be properly coordinated and I know how many chairs we will need. Thank you and hope you enjoy the book.!

Alicia karr

Good question! The book club pot luck hasn't met since June, (after meeting almost continuously for two years), primarily because some of us were away and our numbers were dwindling with the expat population! But I would be happy to start up again in September IF there is enough interest. Please folks, tell me whether you want a BOOK CLUB or not. Weigh in here! Thanks


Please schedule one for October. I want the opportunity to meet as many people as I can while I'm in town. I'll even try to read the book.


I've never attended but I have wanted to. Dates either haven't worked or I couldn't think of what to bring to eat. I would attend in September if you held one.