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I have some books I have to get rid of, very sad as I never like to part with my books but such is the life of a wanderer... :huh:

Each book is for sale for US$5 or about the official rate in pesos. Five books for US$20, ten books for US$30. (Or in pesos respectively: 25, 100, 150)

You can see pictures that have all the titles listed here:

There's a wide range, I've separated the piles into categories if you think you can figure them out you can have a free book. ;-)

Several Argentine authors in English, some books in Spanish including El Beso de la Mujer Araña which is a great book to read for someone who is learning Spanish as it's 90% dialogue.

I also have a few outdated English grammar books free to anyone who is interested, they're not pictured.

I have a few brand new books that I just purchased in the US a few weeks ago but I did not mean to bring them all the way out here! Mistake in rushed packing. They're all from the Best American Series (love those books), let me know if you're interested as I'd rather just buy them again in the US than take them back there.

The pottery you see is all free to a good home, I have had it in boxes for over a year and time to pass it on to someone who will appreciate it. There's one flower pot shown but I have several more of similar size in different designs, all very pretty. Perfect for herbs or flowers, in the house or the patio/balcony.

Any questions are welcome, happy to recommend my favorite books, too. :)


I have too many books to read to justify anymore for now! But I have been looking for a pretty bowl and would love to take the black plate/bowl piece or brown bowl off your hands if they are still available! feel free to e-mail: . Thanks so much for such a wonderful offer!
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To answer a common question: I am in Palermo, just off Plaza Serrano. The pottery has all gone, and 15 of the books have sold (I'll post the sold titles asap).

Have a chance at 15 peso English books! Get them quick!