books from usa


Oct 23, 2009
Hey guys I have and incredible place in the net that sells new or used books, and delivers them to your door here!!!
They buy books from sales of American libraries, etc.
They only charge 4 dollars for the shipment to Argentina, and books pay no duties at all here, so they will get delivered to your doorstep.
You can pay with credit card, paypal, etc, no problem.
good luck
i have been buying my books down here from the Daniel of the book cellar for over a year now. he has a great selection of used books at good prices, and has a truly wealth of info on world literature . He now knows what kind of books i like, so he will bring a selection for me to choose from. He meets me at a restaurant or comes to my home... its been a great way to expand my reading... he has a blog that lists all his books
I have an extra (new) copy of:
Tranfer of Wealth
The Case for Nationwide Concealed Carry of Handguns
Second Edition
By John Longenecker
18 bucks
wow...that's all great information.
I actually discovered a second hand english-language bookstore in Belgrano a couple of days ago and am still recovering from my shock at their prices (65 pesos and up for shabby copies of pretty common titles!). I'll deffinately be checking out both these contacts!
HenryNisental said:
Amazon will ship here directly, I just did it.

Exellent news - although I have yet to have them ship anything to me here, a friend of mine recently told me they had stopped shipping to Argentina. Glad to hear that's not true!
Lee said:
You might also do what we do. Buy books from Amazon. Remember that there is NO import tariff on books or magazines.

We have all of our mail shipped to a mail forwarding service in Miami ( and then have in send down via Fed/Ex a couple of times a month and delivered right to our apartment. We have done this for years and never had a problem.

Lee, a question - I use USABox as well, but they ship down to me via DHL. I pay $35 a month for my one free shipment and $29 for extras in the month, as long as it's all under 4 pounds.

Do you belong maybe to a different class of service from USABox? I've thought about having some things (books was one of the class of things) shipped to USABox, but I wasn't sure what the weight vs cost would be. I'm wondering if you're on a different deal or something which may be better than mine for shipping larger/heavier items?
I ordered quite a few books off of November 25 (over a month ago) and still have not received them. I'm starting to worry that they might never show up.

I know it's holiday season so that could contribute to the delays. Has anybody purchased books from them successfully?
just a quick update: thankfully, today i finally received the books i had ordered in late november from i was worried about placing such a big order lest it get lost but after today, i was grateful - receiving international packages through correo argentino is not a fun process. i first had to wait in line at the post office near my house for a good half-hour only to receive another slip directing me to the post office in retiro (where international shipments are held) there i had to wait again in two different lines for more than 2 hours. all in all wth transport and everything it consumed more than half the day. but..I've received my books so I'm happy :)