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Jan 8, 2009
Hi! I'm a local trying to find some books in english. I couldn't find them in almost any bookstore in Buenos Aires ( since most bookstores sell novels and dictionaries!,je ). The best one I found is Walrus Books, but they didn't have what I was looking for.

I like this kind of literature:

- Ancient History, History in General, also Mithology.
- Fantasy: Like "the Belgarath chronicles", Dragonlance, Ravenloft or Forgotten Realms series.
- Culture: Any book written by Richard Dawkins, and anything about this kind of themes (mythology, philosophy, religion, atheism).
- Women psychology

I read this for fun while travelling on a bus or train, so the size is important ( I mean not too big).
I can buy them to you for a reasonable price or exchange them for any other book or thing I have.

I came across this guide a while ago while looking for English bookstores - I went to La Boutique Del Libro on Thames which, while many are old "classics", had at least several bookshelves full of books. The english section is upstairs above the cafe area - it took me several walks around to find it.
Have you tried the ferria de libros on Santa Fe just past Plaza Italia. There is an incredible range of books there, in almost every language. Mostly second hand and not that cheap, but we often go there when we run out of reading material.
Infortunately I am not back until May or I would swap some books with you, but if you are still here and wanting swaps then, drop me a note.
Wally, there is also a bookstore at a gallery on Santa Fe and Pueyrredon ( they have a money exchange store at the entrance, just so you can identify it ) If you go downstairs, there is this bookstore that sells and lends books in English, check it out :)
i go to El Banquete on La Pampa in Belgrano to buy used books. for new books i go to Kel (there are several branch stores but i go to the one on Marcelo T.) good luck
Wally. When I was in BsAs in 2007, I swapped lots of books with other expats and visitors when I could. It occurred to me then that there was a real need for an 'English Book Exchange': someone who was prepared to host a library and perhaps have a tea party once a fortnight at which expats could exchange books, and where visitors could leave their books rather than binning them. This would be a great way of building a circle of friends for the organiser as well as managing a fun library! I don't know how long you are planning to stay, but might be a worthy idea for either you or someone else to trial?
Nikad's correct, that little bookstore has the most interesting selection that I've seen in Bs. As.. Its near the same corner as Office Depot and McDonalds.

Due to my own frustration with the limited selection and the huge mark-up I recently invested in a BeBook electronic reader ( I really like it, there are 1,000s of free books online that have no copyright limitations, and there are thousands more available for sale at a much lower cost than what I see in stores down here.
Hi to all,
I am an englishman who has been living in buenos aires for a year. in the last 6 months to deal with my yearning for more books in english i began collecting. now i am to the point where i am almost ready to open a shop. as well as having nearly 900 books in english i have 300 in german, 100 in spanish, 50 in french and a spattering of other languages. i also have antique and collectable editions. i am always sourcing books and i offer swap and buy-back schemes. i have a blog, with some titles, but there is a website in construction that will be much more comprehensive and user friendly. i will gladly buy all books that are no longer wanted! is the blog, where my email and phone number can be found - i have a large list that can be sent!
Saludos a todos!
Due to lack of space in our apt… we’re selling the following books in English
- $15 pesos each or 4 x $50!

-Felipe Pigna, “The Myths of Argentine History” (English version)
-Viktor Frankl, “Man Search for Meaning”, 60th Anniversary Edition
-Paul Johnson, “Heroes”
-Milan Kundera, “Slowness”
-Rudyard Kipling, “The portable Kipling”
-Tyler Cowen, “Discover Your Inner Economist”
-Richard Feynman, “The Meaning of it All”
-McNeilly, “Sun Tzu and the Art of Business”
-Harold Bloom, “Omens of Millienium”
-Jeffrey Steingarten, “The Man Who Ate Everything”
-Anton Chekhov, “Selected Stories”
-VS Naipaul, “A House for Ms. Biswas”
-John William Ward, “Andrew Jackson – Symbol of an Age”
-Richard Holmes, “In the footsteps of Churchill”
-Richard Brookster, “Alexander Hamilton – American”
-V.S. Naipaul, “India – A Million Mutinies Now”
-Chris Anderson, “The Long Tail – Why the future of Business is Selling Less of More”
-Hans Christian Andersen, “The Fairy Tale of My Life”
-Monocle magazine (March, April and May 2008 editions)

And some Software Books…
-“The Microsoft Exchange Server Internet Mail Connector”
-“CGI for Commerce”
-“MySQL & mSQL”

All books were brought by us from the US, except Pigna’s (which is in English as well).

E-mail us at lermancelia at gmail or call us at 15-4076-0000 – Thanks!

Ps. We will consider exchanges too… but we’re picky!