Bored in Buenos Aires


Dec 28, 2009
Hola, have been in BsAs for the past few months and made some great friends but everyone has either left or gone home for the xmas period leaving my boyfriend and I a little bored, we'd love to meet some new people for dinners, drinks, coffees, culture, whatever really! If anyone is new or finding themselves in the same boat and would like to hang out with an English girl and Aussie guy (both 29) who know the city, let us know.
add this Spanish school on facebook: LVstudio Palermo. There are weekly social events and everyone is welcome. Of course they hope you also sign up for some classes, but it's not an obligation. You'll meet lots of expats and Argentines at those events.
Hey there, me and my boyfriend (dutch, 25 and 27) just arrived and don´t know any people yet. I posted a thread about going out and/or having dinner on new years eve, want to join us?? Otherwise, let´s meet at some other time, would be nice to make some friends here.

Maybe see you later,

Hi, I am 27, America. I've also had a lot of friends leave recently and would love to meet up. I have plans for New Years, but can meet up another time this week!
I'm a swedish girl (29) and Ive been here for a while, my bf is argie but most of the friends I managed to make here have left one by one and I really miss ppl to just hang out with and have a coffee. Las argentinas are quite hard to make friends with...
Let's all meet up somtime this week and do something fun!
Hi -

I'm 29, American, arriving in BsAs on Saturday. If anyone would like to meet up next week that would be great!


I've been in BA a couple of months, some thing here, most of people i've made friends with have left also. Would love some other guys/gals to hang out with apart from my girlfriend!


I'm in the same boat. Sometimes, I would rather hang out with someone else, instead of hanging out with the reason I'm here. I've been here a couple of months and the friends I've made, all had prior plans (aka left.. lol). Anyone interested in going out and chatting over drinks or even, hittin' up a "PreDance" ..hehe

The name is Eric and I'm from the US.
Wow, lot´s of people already. How about next tuesday evening? That´s the 5th of january. I guess somebody who´s been living here for a while could suggest a place?
Tuesday sounds great! I'm up for that! There's a nice bar, quite "tranqui" on the corner of Honduras and Uriarte in Palermo (two blocks from plaza serrano) where we could meet, it's called "Finis Tierra". Unfortunately I'm working early wed. morning so I'd prefer a quite early start (not very porteña, i know), round seven or eight??... What do the rest of you say??