Bottled water delivery services


Jul 12, 2009
I have heard about services that deliver a certain number of bottles of water to your house weekly for low cost, does anyone have any information on providers, prices, etc.

Also, do you know if they also collect the empty bottles (and reuse them) ? Part of the reason that we are interested in this is that much as we like cold water or carbonated, we hate throwing out bottles as they aren't recycled (to our knowledge).

6 Bottles (siphon's) of soda water for $14.50 pesos per week, right to door....

They have other products bottled water, flavored waters etc....:)
Wow, what a great price for soda! and it includes delivery!!
I pay double when I buy a bottle in the supermarket. It would take me way too long to finish 6 bottles though.

I do get a weekly water delivery of 20 litros for 18 pesos. They take the old container away. Unfortunately I have no idea if the water is any better than tap.
We have Agua Cimes. We arranged with the guy to come every 2 weeks or so and bring us 20 liters for 18 pesos. He even carries it up the stairs. 15-6490-9029, though I am not sure what their delivery area is outside Congreso. I know it's better than tap because I used to drink only boiled tap water in large quantities, and it always made my stomach feel queasy.

To be honest though, at first it was hard to get someone to come to our building. No one else in our building has water delivered (according to the encargdo del edificio), so he saw one measly delivery as not really worth it. So if you ever see a delivery truck outside your apartment building or close to it, the easiest way might be to get hooked up with the service already going to your building; stop them and ask for a phone number.
GuilleGee said:
Do people really have problems with the tap water here??

You won't die from drinking a bit. But long term effects may not be so nice. Personally the main reason I don't drink it is because of the taste.
The water is fine. We use a Brita filter, makes the water taste better.
TomAtAlki said:
The water is fine. We use a Brita filter, makes the water taste better.

TomAtAlki, did you get the Brita filter here? If so, where??