Brazilian hair treatment?


Some friends have told me about this brazilian hair treatment that once you get it done can make your hair straight for 6 months at a time. I was wondering if anyone knew of a salon here in BA that does this treatment and how much it would cost to get it done. Thanks!


Are you aware that the products used to do it can cause cancer ( formaldehyde ) and that it is illegal in the country? You have better and safe options like Alberto Sanders salon and Trungadi


Brazilian Keratin Treatment is a tricky thing.

SOME formulations contain unsafe levels of formaldehyde. That said, there are plenty that don't.

While it may be illegal (and I think it depend on the product they use - many salons in Brazil would use the low-level but then add in more xyz (formaldehyde or similar) to get better results) in Argentina, it is certainly available.

Try doing some searches and ask any salons where you know someone - if they don't do it they may be able to refer you to someone who does.

It doesn't necessarily last for 6 months - depends on your hair type and how you treat your hair after the treatment - but 3 months is pretty standard. It also doesn't straighten hair per se (as the Japanese treatment does - tho this is very damaging) - but for many people it will result in straight hair. What it does is essentially smooth out/coat the hair to the point that someone with very curly frizzy hair will end up with smooth wavy hair (without syling) - and someone with moderately messy hair will end up with straight smooth hair. The coating/effect eventually washes out over time, but your hair was not 'transformed' by it so there is no remaining damage.

In BA, the person I know who has it done pays approx 200 or 250$US - the person comes to her house, and it takes several hours (and is done outside, to minimize the effect of the chemicals).

Use of chemicals? Risky in theory, but considering that a) cigarettes are perfectly legal and definitely more likely to cause long-term damage and b) BKT HOME kits are sold all over the US to non-professional enthusiasts - personally I'm thinking I'm going to keep doing some homework and find a product and professional I find is suitable.


I,m from in Buenos Aires for 2 years...and I don,t trust in this kind of treatment...We have to be 100% sure about what kind of product the salon is using...A lot of people had big problems after doing this treatment.


I do know a salon that offers a "straightening treatment". But I didn't ask anything about it thought. If your interested to know the name send me a message. I won't put it on here as I don't know anyone that has done this treatment. So I can't vouch for it. I can just send you there to ask for yourself.